Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Honeymoon

We're home from our honeymoon and as happy as can be! We started our honeymoon off right too with a trip to Disneyworld that really set the mood for magic-- and it really was! I'm a tried and true lover of DisneyLAND, so I knew it was going to take a lot of convincing to have me even consider DisneyWORLD as magical... but some short comings aside (Fantasyland was only so so, there is only one churro stand in the ENTIRE park and no Monte Cristo's) it really was magical afterall. 

The Caribbean was a DREAM... crystal clear waters, beaches with the whitest sand I've ever seen and our dive through the reefs of St. Thomas and around an amazing sunken ship was phenomenal! The water was an unbelievable 80 degrees-- it felt like bath water! We were shocked when the other divers around us put on wet suits (ha ha- weirdos)! :P

The Royal Caribbean ship we were on didn't sink, lose power or even catch fire-- at this point in cruise ship history I'd say THAT was a success all in itself, but the entertainment, food and service didn't hurt! We ate some of the best food ever (duck confit on top of a bed of arugula with mandrin oranges and asparagus and lobster and crab cakes-- YUM)! The shows on this ship were wonderful-- they had a magician that completely blew our minds and left us stary eyed the rest of the evening! And believe it or not there was an ice skating show! You heard right-- it was GREAT, but the best part was that we, ourselves, ice skated whilst on the ship-- that's right, we ice skated right in the middle of the ocean in the Caribbean! 

Here's the pictures from our dive... we had SUCH a great time!! :) 

Back on the boat... we got a wonderful surprise... we just LOVED the towel animals!!

Ice skating ON a ship!

We tried everything... ice skating, karaoke, rock climbing, surfing... everything the boat had to offer!

After 11 of the most FUN filled days of our lives, we had to say goodbye to the Caribbean and head back to reality. Oddly enough, as much as we enjoyed our AMAZING honeymoon we're happy to be home and starting on the next adventure life has in store for us... 

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