Tuesday, June 3, 2014

And Baby Makes Three...

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then... 

Coming July 22, 2014: Baby Bigler!

What a wonderful year it has been! Time flies when you're happy!

Luke and I just celebrated our one year anniversary last month and we just can't believe where all the time has gone!

In November 2013 we found out we were pregnant!! By far the GREATEST joy either of us has ever experienced. The last 8 months have been AMAZING! I've been fortunate to have a body that was made for making babies! Other than first trimester "morning" sickness, back aches and mood swings it's been a cinch! Nothing could get me down! Every time this little sweetheart gives me a little kick or love tap everything else melts away!

We found out in February that we are having a little girl and we couldn't be happier!! Pink, pink and more pink! We went (along with both of our parents) to A Miracle in Progress and got to see our little girl doing flips in my belly. Before that I wasn't sure that I'd been feeling her or not, but seeing her do flips and feeling the sensation of her moving at the same time confirmed-- it's been her all along!

Many happy tears and hugs came after! We couldn't wait to meet our little girl!!

We made a decision not to share what names we were thinking about with anyone... because heaven knows how easily influenced I am by people's negative opinions... and EVERYONE has an opinion on this name or that name. But we've pretty much got her name decided now and have since about the 7th month!

We can't wait to see her and see if the name is perfect just like we think it will be!

Now at 34 weeks pregnant I'm getting bigger and bigger by the minute and I love it! It is truly a miracle to me to see what my body can do! I'm blessed to have my sweet Luke who thinks I look more attractive now than I ever have been! I know my body will never look the same... and you know what, why should it? This body has created life-- where's the joy in that if I've got nothing to show for it... you know... except the baby! Ha ha!

8 Weeks Pregnant
32 Weeks Pregnant
Our doctor is Dr. Martin at The OBGYN Specialists (http://www.theobgynspecialists.net/) and we just love him! He along with the rest of the staff at the office have been amazing this whole pregnancy!!

Our little girl does great big stretches now in my belly and she seems to favor my right side (under my rib I think it her preferred lounging spot)! Luke loves spending time in the evenings just reading and talking to her with his hand firmly planted on top of my growing belly in hopes of feeling a kick here and there! Every time she kicks he just shouts out in joy, "what is she doing in there" with a great big laugh and smile. He truly is going to be the best Dad in the world!

We've both gone through every range of emotions... nervous, happy, stressed, worried, anxious... but in the end we're both just so excited to be parents and to meet our little angel!

We've known her before, we can already feel that connection and we can't wait to be reconnected here on earth! The Lord has blessed our little family in so many ways already, and we've only just begun!

Our house is stocked with baby clothes and diapers, the infant car seat is installed and her bassinet awaits her...

6 weeks to go and counting...