Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Perfect Day For Maternity Pictures

On May 24th, at 32 weeks pregnant, Luke and I decided to have an amazingly talented friend, Christina Erdman, take some maternity pictures of us and they turned out PERFECT!

We knew that we wanted to capture a few images of our sweet little girl in my belly, and originally, we had planned on just doing this ourselves... but oh how grateful we are that we took the time to have someone who knows how to work a camera lens help us out!

We went out to Floyd Lamb Park on a beautiful sunny May day and walked around the park taking in all of it's beauty... we ran into gorgeous peacocks and noisy geese along with some adorable newborn baby ducks! It was so much fun! This park is so beautiful!

Christina had the perfect eye for all the right spots to shoot...

It was so much fun taking these pictures with Luke... we are both just so excited to meet our little girl in just a few short weeks!!

Luke already loves his little angel so much... He is going to make the best Dad ever!

What can I say... he's just so much fun! :)

I can't believe that our little angel is going to be here so soon... pink shoes and all! ;)

No matter what we know that we, along with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, are the foundation for our family. Above all else, we love each other first.

And forever...

And now we just sit and wait... or waddle and wait in my case! ;) I have loved every second of this pregnancy. I have truly been blessed with not just a body that performs so well under these amazing circumstances, but with an attitude that stays on the up and up along with a husband that has been my rock at many times these past months. I just couldn't do it without him.

We know that our family is only just beginning here on earth and we can't wait to meet our little girl and all of her sweet siblings to come...

I love you little girl.... 

The Family Is Central To The Creator's Plan For The Eternal Destiny Of His Children... 

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